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Evie Unbounded

Sep 26, 2019

Join us as Evie Jeang interviews the Lady Boss Ritzel Ngo! Ms. Ngo is an Attorney at Ideal Legal Group LLC and has been practicing Family Law for 14 years. 

Ms. Ngo is a Parent Executive Board Member at Marengo Elementary School. 

Tune in as Ms. Ngo talks about kids going back to school and Child Custody!

Sep 23, 2019

Join Evie Jeang as she talks about a new and rare case in the Surrogacy Industry. Evie Jeang reassures how Surrogacy Concierge is the best option for your fertility needs as this rare case is still in trial.

Sep 19, 2019

Join Evie Jeang as she talks about what her aspirations and goals are as a lady boss! Evie Jeang introduces how special to her the Surrogacy Industry. Tune in to get the best out of the life of Evie Jeang!